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Ravi Shukla

We introduce ourselves as manufacturer of premium quality office furniture in the brand name of EVA. We manufacture chairs, sofas and other modular furniture for the office.

Our chairs and sofas give the best of comfort. Our chairs are designed to give ultimate comfort and soothing effect to each and every nerve and curve of your backbone.

The posture of chairs and that of the body should match absolutely giving absolute comfort and we have achieved the same in our designs. we have designed our chairs for healthy posture and a proper shape of the spine enabling you for the long working hours for sitting job.

Our chairs are best at physical ergonomics, good looks, best quality and durability. Sitting on an EVA brand chair is a wonderful experience which keeps you cheerful, happy, fresh and comfortable.

We have the latest machinery, best advanced technology and we use the best material. We source our raw material from the best companies in india and abroad like Tata Steel and Hettich etc.

Modular offices are in style, need and the trend of the day. Modular offices have minimized the role of the carpenter. Gone are the days when it used to take months to furnish the office. Now we are ready with the solution as per your requirement, saving your precious time and efforts. We make office tables, reception counters, conference tables and modular workstations.

We offer variety of color choice. We design the office and furniture as per your choice and requirement of your work place. We focus on quality, comfort, good looks and durability.